Sunday, May 24, 2015

Venetian Bodice Closure

Italian Dress 001

The above is one of my favorite outfits to wear in the SCA and at Renaissance Faires.

Italian Dress 009

I normally wear it with the jacket (as above) and a bright orange apron. It's ridiculous in colors but actually pretty accurate for the late 16th century.

For lacing, since I wanted to keep the dress as accurate in look as possible, I did something a bit different. I created a regular bodice, using the same pattern as I used for the dress, and punched a bunch of eyelets in it and sewed them up. I then cut out the bodice fabric for the dress but added a couple of inches along the front edge. I folded the edge over, stitched it down, and basically used the fashion fabric as a cover for the bodice. At the front, I just made a few stitches between each of the lacing holes to hold the fabric down and over the bodice. I know this probably doesn't make much sense so here are some photos!

The front of the dress with some of the lacing already done
Pinching open the space between the fashion fabric and the bodice layer.  The lacing goes under the fashion fabric as well.
Showing the inside of the bodice.  Notice it's spiral lacing. 
Trying to pinch up the fashion layer so you can see the eyelet underneath.  You can also see the stitches that are holding the fashion fabric down to the bodice layer.  The trim hides the stitches that actually sew the fashion fabric to the bodice.  

Hopefully the photos help to make more sense!


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