Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Old Dress but new picture

I made this dress last year for Bladensburg but only got to wear it for a few hours thanks to the rain.   I wore it again this year for a lovely picnic/party/archery shoot.  :-)  The picture of me is courtesy of Gloria from In the Long Run.  (Really, it was her husband Mike that took the picture. :-) )

I put up the fashion plate with the dress to show a couple of things.  One, the color green I'm wearing is quite period correct and the use of paisleys is also correct.  Also, having a too short dress is easily overcome with a gratuitous use of petticoats - which I did.  The sari I used wasn't quite long enough but turns out, this is perfectly fine for the 1810's.   The style I made is different - the fashion plate has it as an open center front and I made mine a fold over.  The reason I did that was because of the sari - the hidden edge doesn't have the paisleys going up the front of the skirt.   The sleeves are also different.

I wore a tiara because I couldn't go bare headed - that would be unseemly.   I did try on a couple of different hats and...they just looked terrible.  I couldn't find my turban (maybe it's in the trailer?) so...tiaras it is!   That and it is one of Kat's parties - tiaras are necessary.  ;-D

Now, at least, I have a proper picture of this dress!

(And I swear, I am sewing.  I sewed already this morning.  I'm in full Pennsic Panic mode and trying to get at least four dresses done before Pennsic.  I'm hoping to have pictures of one of them tonight.  We'll see)


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