Sunday, March 11, 2012

Friday and Saturday

I went to Red Lobster Friday and ordered garlic shrimp with Lobster tails. I also got their version of fried calamari. It was mostly fired broccoli and fried red peppers with fried calamari. I didn't eat the veggies, just the squid and it made me so sick later on. At least, I think it was the calamari. My guess is the fried part had corn in it because I was just not a happy person afterwards.

That was all I had yesterday - it really made me that ill. Saturday was basically two cups of hot chocolate (the really good stuff by Twinings) and a few pieces of Sourdough bread -toasted- with oil and herbs. I was just still not hungry after the Red Lobster incident. Tomorrow, Sunday, is Tea! Yay! This will mean a lot of very not period sweets and other yummy stuffs - Since it's Sunday, it doesn't matter that it's not 16th Century.

Monday, I might attempt those Salmon fish balls if my sink works again. I need to call the plumber because it got completely stopped up and my pliers and wrench won't work on the sink pipes. Grr... If it doesn't, then maybe just a salad and lots of bread with jam.


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