Friday, March 2, 2012

Wow, that was difficult.

I went to the farmer's market today. I didn't need much - mostly bread. However, this meant going past the donuts, the cheese, the milk, all the meat - everything I'd normally eat. I had to read the bread this time, not only for my typically buckwheat and corn allergies but also for milk, eggs, and butter! Luckily, pumpernickel was fine. My favorite bread, herbs and garlic, didn't have an ingredients list but, since I know I'm not allergic to it (or, at least, I haven't had a reaction yet!) and it looks like wheat bread with herbs in it, I'm going with it's safe for Lent.

Anyway, I think it was more difficult this time to go to the Farmer's Market than it was last week for two reasons - I didn't need as much and I was hungry. Being Friday, all I had up to that point was hot chocolate and water plus a few almonds. Since I was just there last week, all I needed was more almonds, more crystallized ginger, and some vegetables plus the bread. Not buying a doughnut was horrible!

Once I got home, I dug into the bread and had a salad. After that, my appetite disappeared.

One thing I have noticed over the past week, my complexion is changing a lot. The dark circles that I've always blamed on being Italian are almost gone! Mom had a theory I was allergic to Milk as well as everything else on my long long list...sadly, she might be right. Luckily, I like almond milk and I'd like to try coconut milk once Easter gets here.


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