Friday, March 9, 2012

So many things!

Yesterday consisted of way too much going on at work. Because we are breaking up the current team, as a last hurrah, we are all going to Red Lobster today. Yes, this means I'll have to cheat a bit.

Yesterday, I had bread and herbs with oil for lunch along with pretzels and a few apple slices. I also had ice tea. It was all quite good. I needed the apples because I could feel my blood sugar levels go all twitchy. I've been eating a spoonful of sugar the last couple of days because I did need that extra sugar in my diet. What I need to do this weekend is make an apple pie which should have enough sugar. Today will be fine - hot chocolate for all!

Dinner was mostly the rice from the previous day, some bread, and that was about it. After the day's events, I wasn't that hungry.

I'm only eating lunch today-rather than just dinner and a snack for lunch- due to the festivities. I'll probably actually have butter because that will be impossible to get away from while eating out but cheating on stuff like that is perfectly period. ;-) Right now, I'm thinking Fried Calamari and shrimp of some sort. Yum!

I'm currently working on a 1790's Open Robe dress.

I have a few yards of this lovely dark dark teal that I have yet to use. I'm normally not one to wear a dark teal (despite it being my favorite color) simply because my complexion does not like the color at all. However, given the style of the open robe, I'll have more white than teal and I'll be wearing a gold polka dotted red sash as well. Add a red necklace, red ribbon in my hair, and I should look something NOT like night of the living dead.


The blue is more rich than it looks in the picture but those are the fabrics I'll be using. I already have a pattern that I know fits so it's just a matter of cutting it all out and sewing it up. If I get time, I might add a sheer overskirt to the outfit.


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