Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tuesday Food!

The sink got cleared! Yay! I can wash dishes again! The problem of a very small house is that I do not have room for a dishwasher; I wish I did. This means I need to hand wash every single dish and I loathe washing dishes. Truly loathe it. It's my least favorite chore. So, cooking all my own meals is a true penance to me. ;-)

However, now that I can wash dishes, I managed to wash the frying pan which means FRIED MUSHROOMS! I cooked up the steak mushrooms with onion and a bit of garlic. It was delicious. Having not been able to cook for umm...a few days thanks to the sink being clogged (can't wash the pots and pans so they can't be used until they are clean...), I loved being able to eat food again. Not that I hadn't eaten - the Steak on Sunday was great at Mom and Dads - just that I couldn't cook at home.

Monday's lunch was a large salad again at work. Just spinach, carrots, mushrooms, croutons and oil and vinegar. I also had a couple of bottles of iced tea. Dinner was primarily the fried mushrooms along with bread and oil with herbs. I just haven't been hungry lately.

Tomorrow I'll see about cooking up the last of the salmon finally. Since tomorrow is a fasting day, I'll just take in some medieval trail mix -almonds and crystallized ginger. Maybe some raisins. Or an apple. I need to use the apples before they go rotten. Hmmm...apple pie sounds good for tomorrow night as well. :-)


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