Saturday, June 21, 2014

First Costume Roulette Challenge!

For the Costume Roulette Challenge, I was given three catagories to choose from. The first was Natural Form, the second was Turn of the Century (1890's/1900's pigeon breast), and the third was 1930's. I suck at anything 1870's/1880's, so I'm hesitant on the Natural Form one. Turn of the Century is what I still plan on doing but I need to work on the undergarments to get the correct silhouette. I figured I could throw 1930's in the sewing plan pile as well for fun since 1930's is perfectly fine as "everyday" wear.

Since I need a new dress to wear this weekend, I figured I'd try a 1930's style dress. I've done 20's before and late 40's/early 50's but never 30's. This was new to me. The pattern I choose was Vintage Vouge 2671. The pattern is one from 1933 that was re-issued. I had it in the pattern stash.

Overall, this was complicated only because the directions were ridiculous. I ended up giving up on the directions and just doing my own thing, like normal.

This is the way the dress looks right now. Yes, it's sheer. :-) I do have a summer slip to go beneath it. I cut up an old sari I got at the thrift store for $4. Turns out, the sari was 100% silk. Fun! The pallu (decorated shoulder flap part of the sari) had a few holes in it. I used the petticoat part of the sari for the dress.

Adding the inserts for the skirt was fairly easy. The hard part of this pattern is the craziness of the shoulder cape in the front. I still don't think I have it. I just got it to where it works. The left side should open to allow your head to pop through. You also have to leave the left side of the dress open to allow you to put on the dress. The sash that should go around the dress looked ridiculous so I added a nice gold belt instead.

More pictures and info later!


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