Sunday, June 8, 2014


A few weeks ago, I found this:

It is, in fact, a 14th C illumination of a painted wagon.   Of course, mine looks like a small house but it gave me some great ideas.  Notice the scroll work up top and the heraldry on the bottom half.  I also found one in this illumination that is plain up top but decorated on the bottom. I like this idea.  (The second one is also blue on the top!  Woohoo!)

So, I figured I'd add some sort of heraldry to the bottom of the wagon.  However, I still want to keep it TARDIS-esque for the lulz.  Therefore, my first thought was to paint the Doctor's name in Gallifreyan:

But I'm not quite that insane.  (Also, I don't think it's his name.  Remember River told him to "read" this on the cradle and then the Doctor got all excited.  I think it's the names of everyone who has ever slept in the cradle - which means only one of the circles his name.  Anyway...)

I wanted something...less crazy.  So I went with the seal of Rassilon instead.  It's Time Lady-ie and it looks Celtic too.  It's a win-win for the trailer!

Too bad I messed it up a bit. Basically, I drew it out and then cut it out with an xacto knife...forgetting things like needing to keep big empty spaces connected to the rest of the stencil. Luckily, duct tape does solve all problems.

..and I was way better with the second stencil that I wanted to create.

Meet Spike!   Spike is the very beloved populace badge of Atlantia.  Think of him being on the trailer as a license plate stating what state I'm from.  For Spike, I drew him out and then created the cut outs in a web pattern.  I didn't like any of the existing stencils (either WAY too complicated or way too simple) so I drew up my own. This took a grand total of 15 minutes.  The Seal of Rassilon?  One hour.

I thought about doing a couple of others but I think keeping it simple might be best.  I'll test out the stencils on the trailer tomorrow.

BTW, if anyone else is doing Pennsic prep- Home Depot has packs of 6 Tiki torches for $5.  They are the bamboo ones & a bit short but they are refillable.  I bought two packs and plan on using them as the border around my "camp".  :-)  Or, at least, part of it. 


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