Monday, April 4, 2016

15th Century Red Wool Dress

I made most of this last year and realized it was too small for me when I made it. Now that I've lost 30 pounds, it fits perfectly! I finished the eyelets and tried it on a few days ago over my modern clothing. It's perfectly snug, like it should be. I still need to hem it but that, for me at least, is the easy part. Once that's done, I'll take better pictures and post them here. :-)

Detail the Massacre of the Innocents Hugo van der Goes, c. 1470
I'm going for a dress similar to the above.  I wanted something that I can easily layer for colder events and also look nice as just a dress at the Spring and Fall events.  This is not a summer dress as the wool is a medium weight wool.  But for right now?  This dress is great for this time of year.
It's lined in red linen and it's a mix of machine and hand sewing.  If you can see it, it's handsewn.  If not, it's machine sewn.  I used regular triangle gores at the sides to widen the skirt.  I really used a pattern very similar to my Turkish coat one.  The front opening is curved at the bust line.  


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