Thursday, April 7, 2016

Modern Sewing

The pictures aren't the best but this is my latest creation. I worked with McCalls M7187 and went with view C:

There were a few directions I just completely skipped because the pattern called for you to do things like baste down the pleats. It looked off on this material, so I just pleated the skirt to the sides and called it a day. The material is a wool blend knit I picked up at the thrift store near me for $1.90. The pattern I picked up at Hancock Fabrics for $1 and the buttons are part of a very large stash I bought many years ago for $3. Even with the zipper and thread, this entire dress was under $4 to make. I bought both of those at the thrift store as well.

It fits. I'm not completely happy with the neckline still and I need to iron it again but it's a dress. It's hemmed, it's wearable, and that's good! I cut out a size 10 this time, knowing my mistake from last time I cut out a McCall pattern. The 10 fits well.

The biggest issue with this pattern I've had is with the neck and armhole facing. Normally, I'd either flip the edges over and stitch them down or use some sort of hem tape. However, I tried the facing just will not lie flat. This is a huge problem at the neckline as you don't want the facing to suddenly pop up from the inside. I've stitched it down some and that seems to help but it involved a bit of handsewing and a lot of guessing on how the fabric stretched.

Oh well, one dress down.  Two more to go!


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