Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Apple Pie Picture!

This was dinner.  :-)  The top crust looks funky mainly because I didn't care enough to make it perfect.  I just wanted apple pie for dinner.   Apple pie was a staple in pretty much every medieval cookbook out there. 

There is the one from 1591, an Apple tart with covers.

Another from 1510.

This one from 1390.  And several others.

Basically, if it was Lent, you could expect apple pie. 

This variation is the same pie crust as I used for the Fish Pot Pie with a filling from a 16th Century German recipe.

I sprinkled the brown sugar on the already cooked pie shell, used a dash of cinnamon, and then put all the apples in (I think I technically used 6 apples this time. It was one and a half of the frozen bags I have from the October harvest). I then added more brown sugar on top and a few shakes of the cinnamon again before putting the pastry cover on the pie. I sliced for cuts into the pastry cover so the pie could breathe. I then cooked it at 375F for 30 minutes.


Nom.   I had two slices.   The filling is *perfect*.   The crust (obviously) could use a little work.  I think it might need more honey or sugar next time.   


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