Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Last Day of Lent

Although I learned a lot of new recipes this year - like green sauce and fish pot pies- I'm excited that Lent is almost over.   Maudy Thursday - tomorrow- is considered sort of a feast day.  Good Friday, of course, is a fast day but I can eat cinnamon bread tomorrow!  Basically, today is the end of the Medieval Lent.  I'm not nearly as anxious for it to be over as last year and I think it's because I planned it out better this year.   I found new foods I like and will probably try through out the year.

Things I typically ate:
  • Salad.  Lots and lots of salad.  Spinach, lettuce, carrots, almonds, and croutons were my lunch for many days through out this.
  • Medieval trail mix.  This was a mix of almonds, walnuts, and raisins.   I read in several accounts about people snacking on a mix of nuts and raisins.  Since both almonds and walnuts are easily documentable, that's what I would have as a snack.   It's actually pretty good.
  • Bread with apple butter or strawberry jelly.   I may not have been able to have the peanut butter part of a PB&J, but I could have the rest.   That, and olives
  • Cod with Greensauce.   I think I had this at least once a week.  It really is pretty good.

What I ate when I traveled:
  • Shrimp bowls.   I know I had some sort of shrimp and chips or shrimp and rice or shrimp and something at least once every time I traveled.  I couldn't keep to the strict medieval diet when I was in NYC or elsewhere, but I could keep to the spirit of it.  (No animal products except fish)  
  • Apples and bananas.   Actually, every morning I'd get rice krispies, soy milk, a banana, and orange juice if I could find them.   A couple of times, the cafeteria at work didn't have rice krispies so it was tater tots with the banana and orange juice.  The apples were just to snack on later.


This is what I had for dinner tonight. It's the same Kidney Beans and Rice recipe I posted a few days ago. It really is quite good.

And now, back to sewing!


  1. Very interesting, but yeah I can't wait to break my lent on Easter Sunday. Starbucks has been calling my name :D

    1. Hehehe! For me, it's been throwback Pepsi. Drinking only tea, water, and lemonade is okay but I want my soda, darn it. :-)