Thursday, April 10, 2014

Sewing Evidence

It's not done, but this is my latest "work" dress.  I'll sew the buttons on tomorrow and iron the dress.   I messed up on it in several places - the back seam isn't right, the bodice facings were a nightmare, and the collar is a bit off.  However, the dress has pockets!  ;-)

EDIT:  I used McCall's Pattern M4769 for this dress.   I didn't have enough fabric to make the collar the same as the rest of the dress but I think the black collar looks okay.   Actually, I had so little of the print that I had to piece together the facings on the inside of the bodice.  On the inside of the skirt, I just used a strip of the black fabric.  The pockets are also out of the black fabric.  The print is sort of a Scandinavian looking print.  Dark gray background with black and gold designs. I got it at the thrift store for $4, I think.  I tried on the dress and it's a bit tight but I think that's because I tried it on over my purple knit dress.  :-)    (I don't know why it's showing up royal blue in the picture.  The knit dress -ie the sleeve edges- is a vivid purple.)

I made the skirt a bit wider at the hem than the pattern dictated.  The skirt looked too narrow to me otherwise.   I added 12 black buttons to the front of the dress and I think it will look really cute with a thin black belt when I find one.  :-)


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