Wednesday, October 15, 2014

#19: HSF Inspiration

The Challenge:
Inspiration. Although many people have done partlets, I was particularly looking at the Venetian one by Aurora. Actually, I cut it out a year ago or so and was finally inspired to finish it after looking through other HSFs.
My own
Silk thread, linen tapes
How historically accurate is it?
The only way to get to be more accuarate would be to steal the police box from the Doctor or the starship Enterprise and slingshot around the sun. It's 100% hand sewn using period correct techniques (rolled edges) and materials.
Hours to complete:
2 or so really - It wasn't long once I sat down and sewed it. Although, giggling through Top Gear probably did impact the sewing time greatly.
First worn:
Tomorrow, I hope
Total cost:
Apparently, I spent $9.98 on the fabric back in 2010. The linen tape was about a $1 a yard and I think I used a quarter of a yard. The thread came in one of those $1 bags I get at the thrift store with a bunch of other things - so a little over $10?

I will admit I almost didn't do this one due to the political overtone this challenge took on. However, this should be about sewing and fun - never about politics.


  1. Love it! I was going to make a partlet too but was too swamped with other stuff.

    1. Thanks! I got to wear it yesterday with my old red velveteen Florentine gown. It was comfortable in the cool weather.

  2. That is lovely! Such nice fabric. I bet it looks great on you. :)