Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Natural Form Dress Part 1

A few weeks ago, I bought the Wearing History 1879 Dress Bodice e-pattern.  According to the description, the pattern should be very similar to my corseted measurements.  The pattern doesn't have seam allowances so I traced around each piece - after putting the pattern puzzle together (which was very easy) - to give a bit of a seam allowance.   I then cut out each piece and pinned to together to get....

This!   I only put one sleeve on - the sleeves are longer than they look on the illustration of the bodice.  The asymmetrical front went together pretty naturally, honestly.  The only things I really have to take in/down are the shoulders and where the armscye is for my own comfort.  

You can see a little bit how far the shoulder straps jut out over the sleeve. I ended up cutting a lot down/off around the shoulder area. The rest? So far I haven't had to play with it. Now for a wearable mock up....

My overall inspiration is this image:


I want to do something similar to the red and black - but in lavendar and dark grey. The main body of the dress will be velvet with lavendar wool - hopefully to be a proper half mourning dress for the MET exhibit. We'll see!


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