Sunday, October 19, 2014

HFF: Cake!

Medieval pancake

The Challenge: Cake!

The Recipe: (where did you find it, link to it if possible)Frutowr for Lentyn

The Date/Year and Region: 15th Century English

How Did You Make It: (a brief synopsis of the process of creation)I mixed flour, store bough almond milk (vanilla!), a bit of sugar, cinnamon, diced figs, and raisins into a plastic container then shook it. I then poured the mix into a skillet with olive oil over a flame (a gas grill) and fried the baby up.

Time to Complete:5 minutes, maybe

Total Cost: I had everything except the figs which I *think* were $4 for the bag. I used maybe a 1/4 of the bag, if that.

How Successful Was It?: (How did it taste? How did it look? Did it turn out like you thought it would?) It looked horrible because a)it was dark and b) I burnt it a bit. However, it tasted like a funnel cake with fruit - which is about what I think it's supposed to taste like. Funnel cake is totally a cake - and this is very much a medieval pancake so it counts too!

How Accurate Is It?: (fess up to your modifications and make-dos here) I used store bought almond milk this time because I was camping. The flour I used probably isn't the same as they would have used in period either. I added the sugar and the cinnamon - both period ingredients- because it tastes off without them. The raisins are just regular raisins because I'm not sure if I'm allergic to real currants or not. However, there is some confusion over whether "rasyns of corance" are actually currants or black raisins - so I might be perfectly okay.

The full recipe:

Frutowr for Lentyn. Recipe flour & almondes mylk, & temper þam togyder; þan take fyges & rasyns of corance & fry þam with þe batour with oyle & tyrne þis & serof.

- Hieatt, Constance B. "The Middle English Culinary Recipes in MS Harley 5401: An Edition and Commentary." Medium Ævum vol. 65, no. 1 (1996): 54-71.

And I will add that I did finish it on time! I was camping and didn't get to post it until today.


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