Sunday, December 2, 2012

First day of Advent

Yesterday afternoon, I made bread. See?

homemade white  bread

This is something I started right before Thanksgiving because finding good bread when you are allergic to both milk and corn is difficult. It's also expensive. Given how cheap bread flour is, I've given up on buying bread and decided a couple of weeks ago just to make it myself. Glad I already had a glass pan for bread my Mom gave me a while back. ;-)

The bread recipe I used can be found at the simple dollar. I made only a few minor changes due to my allergies. First, I used olive oil rather than butter. Second, I used original, unsweetened, Almond milk rather than milk. Third, I dipped the spoon I used to stir the yeast and water together in honey. Yeast loves sugar. I do too. :-)

The bread itself is basic white bread. It slices really well and tastes like white bread. It's nothing special but it is excellent for sandwiches.

Today, I went grocery shopping after Church. Although I'm not supposed to spend more than $30 in a week, I had to give myself a slightly higher threshold today only because I used cash. So, I couldn't spend more than $20. (I probably could spend more than that but I have to pick up Ginsie's meds tomorrow and I need the rest of the cash I had on hand to pay for those so...)

NOTE: If you are squeamish about seeing raw ground hamburger or hot dogs, speed past the next picture. Don't worry, it's still in the package but I did want to put a warning.


I actually had to think about what I wanted to eat this week when I entered the grocery store. Normally, I go in, grab whatever looks good with the thought that "Hey, I can freeze that!" or I can throw it away if I don't eat it in a certain amount of time. According to one report I recently saw, Americans throw out 40% of the food they buy because it just rots. I know I am one of those that does that, sadly.

Since I need to actually eat whatever I end up buying, I figured my beef stew would be a good, wholesome, and oh so delicious with the bread I made meal for dinner. I typically make enough to last for four nights. Since I have cut up chicken in the freezer and chicken noodle soup in a can (OMG! A soup without corn! I found it!), I can probably figure a way to get by the rest of the week without buying that bacon that was calling to me.

Unfortunately, as the picture does show, I forgot to buy olives. D'oh! Oh well, the grand total came up to $17.36 so I'm sure I can stop by and get olives tomorrow after buying Miss Ginsie's meds. (The reason I'm using cash is it makes me think about how much I'm spending. Unlike with the cards. Of course, during the next couple of weeks, I'll used the cards for Christmas gifts but not for food. It just makes it easier for me to consciously track my spending by watching it leave my wallet.)

The apples are for dessert. I have a ton of honey and this very interesting sunflower almond granola that might make a yummy topping for an apple tart/pie/pasty concoction. The red onion is for when I fry up some potatoes and probably some carrots too. Yummy! I might need to get more mushrooms but those are for the stew.


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