Monday, December 10, 2012

Yay! Money!

I went grocery shopping today and got olive oil, a big jar of yeast for all the bread I keep making, eggs, mushrooms, onion salt, and tried to get ground beef.   Unfortunately, even after I figured out that 85% would do (I prefer 93% lean) I saw two blue dots on the meat.  Of the many colors I have seen on meat, the same color as my bedroom walls is not one I have seen before.  I handed it to the cashier who agreed, that ain't right.  :-)

Anyway, the total this week thus far is $24.08.   (I got flour and chocolate chips yesterday)  I have enough to get some ground beef elsewhere for beef stragonoff this week but today, I got a lovely little check from my local grocery store.   My grocery store is a co op so if you have a membership, you get to share in the profit.  yay!  My share is very small (it is just me) but still, I have a check for $22.48.  Now, the question is, should I use it while I'm doing this $30 a week or wait until next week before I go to New York to use for snacks?

Oh, and I'm waiting for the bread to rise now.  :-)   Whole wheat this time. 


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