Sunday, December 9, 2012

I cheated, sort of

So, today is Sunday meaning it is a "feast" day.  And man, I feasted.  Okay, so part of the reason is I went to Harpers Ferry.  This meant eating out which isn't the big feasting part.  The big feasting part is that the Antique Candy Store is still there!  They just moved but they do still exist and, of course, I bought EVERYTHING.  Sugared rose petals, sugared violets (yes, Jenny-Rose, I got some for you!), my bubble gum, maple candy, candy canes, vanilla sticks, peppermint sticks; every single candy I love.

Now, of course, a lot of this is actually for Christmas and I'll probably only bring out pieces on Sundays for Advent and once Christmas gets here.  Or, really, Dec 20th because I'm going to NYC that day and that's when this latest project will end. 

Oh well, going to bake some bread for tomorrow. 


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