Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Well, there goes that

I had to end this particular food experiment early. It wasn't that doing the $30 a week wasn't possible - it was- it was that the headache I was literally getting from not having caffeine in my system didn't let up in the 12 days I had been doing this. It would be manageable after the first three or four days but I think that was mostly due to the chocolate brownies I had on hand. Yesterday, it got so bad I realized it was ridiculous to let this go on while being in physical pain like that.

Yes, this means I should lower my caffeine intake - but gradually. Now that I've had a Pepsi in my system I feel 100% better. No headache! And I'm not grumpy! Yay! :-) (For those that know about my millions of allergies, we have Pepsi Throwback at work. It makes me happy.)

Oh well, I did learn a lot in the past 12 days beyond the whole caffeine thing. I do need to think a lot more when going grocery shopping and manage that aspect of the budget better. I need to plan out my meals at least four days ahead of time and keep a list of what I need and what I have in my house already.

Tonight is still beef stroganoff. :-) And I might actually work on Christmas Cards or sewing or both! Yay!!!!


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