Friday, January 18, 2013

Medieval Cooking Again

So...I'm thinking for Lent to do the whole Medieval cooking for 40 days again. Yes, I heard a couple of you groan. ;-) I won't be quite as strict when out and and about but I'd like to cook this way at home a lot more. It's honestly easier for me to cook using medieval recipes because of the dairy allergy than it is to bother attempting modern recipes that call for premade items.

Anyway, I found this lovely middle Dutch (I swear, try saying this out loud without sounding like the Swedish Chef. It's not possible!)recipe for pastries:

Om roffiollen [..]*maken jn die


stoet jn enen mortijer hondert okernoten

ende ende een cleijn hantvol amandellen vel

ontstucken hier stotet xx goyer appellen

wel gheschelt sonder kerlhuys doter potsucar

ghenbaer ende canel suyker poyer oft nempt

greyn voer den ghenbaer voer den ghenbaer

ende weruet dese spijse met een luttel sofferaen

Luttel sofferaen....*cue giggles*

So, the English translation courtesy of Christianne Muusers :

1.65. To make pasties during Lent
Grind hundred walnuts and a small handfull of almonds very finely in a mortar. [With] this grind 20 good apples, well peeled, without core. Add powdered sugar, ginger and ground cinnamon, or use grains of paradise instead of ginger. Colour this mixture with some saffron.

This sounds like a "gluten free vegan" pie crust. Honestly, it sounds pretty good. I'm not sure where I could get pre ground up walnuts - maybe I need to get a grinder finally- but it's basically walnut flour, almond flour, sugar, apple sauce, and yellow food coloring - or COOKIES!!!!!



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