Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Medieval Foods

I managed to cook the sourdough I've had sitting around for a couple of days. I started the dough on Monday, left it overnight, punched it back down on Tuesday and let it sit overnight again, and baked it this afternoon...and burned it. Sadly, it's really REALLY good in the non burned parts. It's not horribly burned but I've learned to trust my nose since trying to look through the oven doesn't work well. I started another sourdough for Saturday to take with me to the event.

I'm making sekanjabin now. I've used my Lemon vinegar I like to use on salads to see how it ends up and Almond honey. I don't have a ton of honey on hand (anymore. Need to order some from the bee folks) so I ended up half a cup of honey and used a 1/4 cup of vinegar. It won't be a lot of syrup but it should be enough to make a gallon of sekanjabin, I think. I used mint leaves for the mint. We'll see how it ends up tasting.

I need to work on a few more sewing projects and learn how to use a spinning wheel before the end of the month!


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