Friday, July 4, 2014

1930's Slip

I realized at 4 am that I no longer had my nice purply pink cotton underdress and had given that away. This meant I didn't have an underdress for the super sheer 1930's dress I just made. I needed a slip. And fast.

I thought on all the material I had and originally thought the purple/blue/orange shot silk I had would work - but it was way too heavy. Although the silk was already in a slip form (it had been a t-tunic with angel sleeves 10 years ago. The angel sleeves were taken off two weeks ago. The trim was recycled. The sleeves to the t-tunic were taken off. Really, it would have meant I sewed up the armscye but it's June. The material was originally meant to be worn in December).

My second choice was some pink linen but I thought about 1930's slips and none of the ones I thought of were out of any linen/cotton type material. They were all...silky. So, I ended up using my white silk charmeuse I had in the stash pile.

Next problem, figure out how to make a slip in less that two hours. Luckily, I came across this pattern which is super simple. The directions are very clear and the slip really came out well. The only issue I had is that if you make it the exact way it looks in the illustration, it will fit a size 20. I ended up without the top half squares. It was still a bit big but not as bad.

And beneath the dress...

The dress itself still needs some work but it looked okay together.  :-)


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