Thursday, July 3, 2014


For the Historical Food Fortnight #3, the challenge is "Today in History". I've been playing with a couple of ideas:

One, do a food in honor of St Thomas More - one of the few brave men to stand up to Henry VIII. He died (or, rather, was excuted) on July 6, 1535. I'd attempt to cook a food from a cookbook that existed during St Thomas More's lifetime - ie, a food that he might have actually eaten. He was born in 1478 so any late 15th/early 16th c English cookbooks would be up for grabs...I think there are three or four. (Anything 1450's to 1535 would be up for grabs as food doesn't change terribly quickly, unlike fashion. So, it's probable that recipes in a mid 15th C cookbook were still being used well into St Thomas' lifetime. My Mom still uses recipes from an old 1930's cookbook we have!)

Two, take the "Today in History" a bit different and do a "fishe day" recipe. Fridays - up until the 20th C- meant fish for Catholics. It wasn't just a Lent thing. In the medieval and Renaissance cookbooks I've read, fish day recipes are actually different from Lenten recipes. You can use eggs and dairy on fish days. So, the plan would be to take the theme and make what my ancestors probably ate on any given Friday.

Since I can't decide between the two, you get to help! :-) Any preference?


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