Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Historical Sew Fortnightly #13: Under $10

The Challenge: #13, under $10
Fabric:Dupioni silk, cotton twill, canvas
Pattern: McCall's 2806 with some pretty heavy edits and additions of my own
Year: 1490's/1500's
Notions: Thread, some ribbon
How historically accurate is it? The cut is correct but it's machine sewn. Dupioni silk wasn't used although silk was.
Hours to complete: Er...7? I'm really not sure.
First worn: Pennsic, hopefully!
Total cost: $8.37 :-D

So, for those that follow me over on livejournal, you already know a bit about the cost of this dress. The pink silk is a baby pink in person. It was also curtains at one point in it's life. Specifically, Pottery Barn Kids curtains. Both curtains - a pair- were $5.90 together at the thrift store. I used one whole one for the skirt and about a third of the other curtain for the bodice and the upper gauntlet. Since each of the curtains were $2.95, the total for the silk and the cotton twill lining is $3.92. The silver trim and lower gauntlet is from a remnant at Joanns. All remnants are almost always 50% off (which is part of the reason I buy tons of them) so the silver silk piece was $4.43. The pink ribbons I used as ties for the lower gauntlet were part of a bolt I had in stash that I *think* I paid $1 for. I might have paid $5 but no more than that. It had 100 yards at some point in it's life. So, since I used about 2 yards, the price is either 2¢ or 10¢ for that. The canvas for the bodice was scrap I pieced together to get just enough for the bodice. So free on that one. All this together, either $8.37 or $8.45. Somewhere around there.

The dress is done in a similar style to those seen in paintings done by Vittore Carpaccio at the turn of the 16th century. Like this:

The pattern is one McCall's doesn't make anymore but I *love*:

However, I always edit it heavily. I don't think I even cut out the skirt pieces - ever. I used the bodice pieces for the blue gown on the pattern and that was it. I took out the darts and raised the front neckline to make it more suitable for someone who has not been a cup B since middle school. The skirt is just the curtain, cut in half, rolled and sewn at the edges, and then gathered to the front and back of the bodice. Then, I sewed the side seams. The upper gauntlet is a trapezoid pieced together from what I had of the 1/3 of the other curtain. The lower gauntlet is almost coke bottle shaped, really. It's fitted at the upper part but from the elbow down, it's meant only to cover the top of the arm. The trim at the neckline is just a bit of the silver I cut off the remnant lengthwise. I then folded the edges and tacked it down around the neckline.


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