Monday, July 7, 2014

New Limited Time but Fabulous Product Alert!

Back before the corn allergy, I remember not liking Vanilla flavored Pepsi/Coke very much.  It tasted like toothpaste to me and I couldn't understand why people liked it.  Of course, I also thought diet Pepsi/Coke tasted like pure bitter acid.

However, this is delicious.  It tastes like cream soda almost.  I *love* it.  You can easily taste the vanilla but it does have some citrus acid in it to give it that bit of lemon/lime kick. 

I was so excited when I heard that Pepsi was going to do Wild Cherry and Vanilla Pepsi with real sugar this summer.  I can't have the wild cherry, unfortunately (stupid cherry/berry allergy!) but Vanilla is completely on the table.  I've bought one case to try and I'm going to get a bunch more before Pennsic. 

Pepsi, thank you!  Not only can I drink Sierra Mist no matter where I go (it's always sugar based), and the throwback Pepsi, but now I can see if this Vanilla Pepsi is an option too.  PLEASE keep these around.  I'd love to see what this tastes like with gingerbread at Christmas.  :-)

To other corn allergy sufferers, I know those with the most severe kind might still have issues because of the caramel coloring.  I have no idea if it is corn based or not but I haven't have a reaction.  My corn allergy is mild compared to the other food allergies I have so I don't always have a reaction if it's a very small amount.  (Like if it says 2% or less of dextrose, a corn based product, I can have the recommended serving without any issues.)  So, please, double check. 

Now back to your regularly scheduled Pennsic madness...


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