Thursday, July 24, 2014

Period-esque License Plate Cover

I wanted to cover the very modern looking license plate on the vardo/trailer/shepherd's hut with something more medieval. I figured I'd make a banner of my heraldry and use that as a cover when the trailer is parked in camp. Not only would it be a cover, but it would also serve as it's own license plate of sorts- just in the medieval way.

First, I raided my scrap pile.  My heraldry is "Bendy sinister sable and argent, on a chief Or a pair of wings conjoined in lure gules". In other words, black and white stripes at an angle with the top part in gold/yellow and a red pair of wings.

I had black velvet and white silk for the stripy part.  The yellow is from my nephew's butterfly cape and polyester.  The red wings - which ended up looking like a very highly stylized M no matter what I did- are out of red polyester.  The backing is a jacquard left over from my Vampires in Venice dress I made last year.  

First, I pieced the silk together and sewed the yellow poly across the top.  This served as the background for the black velvet and the red wings.  I stitched down the black velvet strips by folding the sides under and just doing a normal running stitch.  The wings that look like an M were stitched using a buttonhole stitch.  

I then attached the jacquard backing and added loops out of the jacquard as well.  I closed up the top, put a dowel through the top and added some fishing line.  It's not pretty - at all.  I really wish I had the time to fix the M shaped wing but it will do.  This will look better than a license plate, at least. 


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