Friday, July 4, 2014

Mid 16th Century Dress Almost Done

 I've been hand sewing this dress mainly because I started it in the car.  :-)  I needed something to keep me occupied while sitting in the passenger seat in traffic.  Sewing the bodice worked out perfectly.  
The front point is a bit off but I doubt it will be noticeable one I wear a proper girdle with the dress.  I tried to fix it but it just ended up looking much worse.  The skirt is actually quite full, it's just hard to show that on the dress dummy without proper under garments...or hips.  I think it measures out at 118" around. 

This is an inside shot before I sewed down the lining to the skirt.

This shot is to show how I sewed the trim on.  Rather than sewing down one side and the up the other, I simply crossed the needle beneath the trim and fabric to the other side of the trim, made a small stitch, and then crossed back.  This way, the trim was secure on both sides and I only had to go over it once. 

I'll make sleeves eventually.  The style of the dress was inspired by this portrait:
Turns out, the portrait dress is actually green and the trim is gold.  o_0?   However, I love the style.   The only reason I'm not making the sleeves now is that I have three more outfits that need to be done by July 25th and I can easily sew sleeves, if need be, at Pennsic itself.  :-)


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