Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Ash Wednesday

Is it sad that I've been excited for Lent to begin?   I went to Church at work today (there are enough of us that they had to have mass in the auditorium!) and brought a semi-medieval "supper" with me.   I'm back to drinking tea and water (and wine, but not at work).   I drank my last Pepsi until the end of Lent yesterday.  

Since Ash Wednesday is a fasting day, I had rosemary flat bread, olives, apple sauce, and a couple of slices of sugared ginger.   It might sound like a lot but this is all I'm having for the day.   Tomorrow, being Ginsie's birthday, I'm thinking something like Apple Pie would be good.   Friday, probably more flat bread and olives since it's a fasting day.   ...And I somehow ended up with five jars of olives.  

I haven't been doing much research this week but I'm sure I'll be looking over new recipes in the coming weeks.  Now that I know honey is okay (woohoo!), it opens up a lot more food choices for me.  Still, I can't wait to try some of the recipes I did last year again.   Rice cooked in almond milk is delicious. 


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