Thursday, February 14, 2013

Medieval Apple Pie and Sourdough bread

I played with the recipe I used here and the dough ended up not being sweet enough for the pastry.   It was okay but the top crust, especially, could have used a lot more sugar.  

My pie shell was just a bit of salt, a lot of whole wheat flour, sugar, about two tablespoons of olive oil, and water.   The bottom shell was fine since the brown sugar I used in the pie seeped in.   I poured red and white sugar crystals (they did color sugar in period for special occasions) on top of the pie and that helped a bit - plus it made it festive!   Okay, so making the top part of the crust to look like a heart was probably festive enough.  

The apple pie itself was good.  :-)  Just more sugar in the pie shell next time.  

My sourdough bread finally rose a bit and I baked it right away.   It's delicious!   I ate it with onion salt and olive oil drizzled on top.  I have no idea if they had onion salt in period but they did have onions and they had salt!

Miss Ginsie, by the way, has a new squirrelly for her birthday.  :-)  I took her to the pet store. 


  1. Dear Isabella,

    In French, "miam", in English, "yum", in Ferguson Kentuckian, "nums!"

    By the way, can't believe I've not discovered your blog until. Twas my loss: good thing for archives. Thoroughly enjoying it.

    Many thanks, and special thanks for posting the two pairs of stays pictures on Flickr. If you ever feel like writing your thoughts about them, I bet tons of us are all ears!

    Very best,

    Natalie in KY
    (aka Zip Zip)

    1. Thank you! Yay! A new person!

      The stays up on flickr are both extant stays I managed to get for a steal. The guy thought they were Victorian and not 18th C. I *think* I did a write up once on one of my blogs but I can't recall where exactly. They will both be in the book I'm writing (er, maybe next year it will be finished?) on each of the garments in my collection. I need to feed the habit for old gowns I can't wear somehow. ;-)