Thursday, February 21, 2013

Food and Sewing the last few days

Monday: I ate the left over almond rice with carrots and raisins. There are a ton of various recipes in the 15th and 16th c that show rice being cooked in almond milk. Sometimes they call for currents to be added or figs, other times it's plain. Most of the time, sugar or honey is added as well. It actually tastes really good - similar to a rice pudding.

Tuesday: I went over to Mom and Dad's to make sure Mom's new stays fit. They do. :-) She even likes them despite the fact they are now a pastel blue with pink bias tape. I also made sure the back lining of the Francaise fit before I cut out the silk. It fit perfectly.

Since I was over there, Mom took me grocery shopping and I ended up making mushrooms and onions for dinner as well as the salmon recipe. Not only are both good and very easy on the modern palette, but it takes a grand total of 25 minutes to prep and cook everything.

Wednesday: Wednesday is a fasting day in the medieval calendar. I had walnuts, raisins, olives, and bread with herbs for lunch. I had to eat something when I got home -I was starting to feel sick- so I ended up with more walnuts and raisins which helped a lot. Lunch was a full meal but "dinner" wasn't.

On the sewing side, I cut out most of the parts for Mom's gown and pleated the back of the gown to the lining. This thing looks spectacular already. The silk I'm using is a shantung but it looks like a silvery blue. It looks fabulous.

On an extra happy note, Tuesday, Mom told me that she LOVES her raincoat I made her last year. She apparently thought she lost it one day and went ballistic trying to find it. She tells me that every time she wears it, she gets a ton of compliments. :-)


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