Thursday, February 14, 2013

Thursday! Also known as Miss Ginsie's Birthday

Well, I'm sure you are all wearing either white, pink, red, or purple in celebration of my puppy dog's 11th Birthday today.  :-)   Pink and purple are her favorite colors and she is white and red so....

Happy Birthday, Puppy girl!

Okay, so on to the cooking and then the sewing.

Cooking:  My latest sourdough refuses to rise.  It's driving me batty!  I'm hoping to see some change tonight or else I'm going to have to leave it out another night.   Normally, the sourdough rises without any issue within 24 hours.  I changed the recipe only slightly - using some whole wheat flour when I ran out of bread flour- and it's been...not moving.    Luckily, leaving sourdough out only makes it that much more sour.   You can leave the dough out for up to a week without any issues so...   if it doesn't rise tomorrow, then I might try something else. 

Lunch today consisted of olives, toast with strawberry jam, and tea.  I also have some ginger left over from yesterday and I brought in more apple sauce and raisins but I just don't have a sweet tooth right now.   I was hoping the store at work had walnuts or sunflower seeds but they seemed to be out of everything until next week.  D'oh! 

Tonight, medieval apple pie!  

Sewing:  I...yeah.   Luckily, this is a three day weekend.  This means I get to do all sorts of fun things like working on Mom's gown and perfecting it before working on my gown.  I need to try Mom's "new" stays on her before she leaves for the beach this weekend and then try the mock up over that.  I'm sure the mock up is fine but I need to make double sure given the way her stays currently are.


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