Saturday, February 23, 2013

Mom's Francaise for the Historical Fortnightly

front skirt robe a la Francaise

This is an "in progess" photo but do you think this counts for "Embellish"? :-) Mom wants a button front robe a la Francaise for the dinner.
The Challenge: Embellish
Fabric: silk shantung and silver gimpy stuff?
Pattern:  Based upon the Robe a L'anglais pattern I bought years ago in Williamsburg
Year:  1770's
Notions:Silk, thread, pinking scissors, gimpy trim
How historically accurate is it? Eh...close? But with sewing machine stitches!
Hours to complete: still not done yet but I figured everyone would like to see something not food related.
First worn: 9 March, I hope!
Total cost: I think the silk was $50? Everything else was stash.


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