Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sewing and Food on Sunday

Food: Orange Juice and chocolate chip cookies may not make for the healthiest of breakfasts but it was good. I had regular old tortas and hummus for lunch at Mom & Dad's - plus soda. The funny thing? My Dad took out the hummus later to snack on. I pointed out the tortas and told him I eat it with that rather than crackers. He tried it and liked it. Mom loves "those things with the rosemary" (tortas) after she tried a few bites. My brother came in and wanted to know what the heck the tortas were. He tried them and likes them now my family is sold on eating my "weird" food. ;-)

Dinner was rice, peas, and steak. I really needed the steak. I also ended up eating some dark chocolate peppermint patties because all the passover food is already out and I NEEDED THEM. My family helped me eat those too.

Sewing: So, I went to Mom & Dad's not just to spend quality time with my family before my brother and Dad take off to Africa on a hike (yes, there is a story in there. They will be back in a couple of weeks) but also to try what I have of Mom's dress done on her. The petticoat fits. I need to take the shoulder straps off the stays but they fit fine as well. The shoulder straps on the dress? Need to be taken in. D'oh!

The dress fits other wise but I now need to take the sleeves out, un do the stitching of the shoulder, re cut it, re attach it, and then reattach the sleeves. I still have to add the front of the gown, add the trim to the front of the gown, and add the trim to the petticoat. This will be a VERY busy week as I have to take a course and still do my gwon plus actually go to work. Oh za fun...


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