Monday, February 18, 2013

Food and Sewing

Sunday, I ate whatever I pleased. I drank tons of soda, ate chocolate chip cookies, and attempted to make deviled eggs. I hard boiled the eggs perfectly but I added way too much mustard when I tired to mash the yolks, the mayo, and mustard with some chives. It ended up tasting like the stuff Mom puts on top of crab cakes but I think that way just the paprika. Sunday, during Lent, is like a little Easter - you get a get out of jail free card on the lenton restrictions. In the Middle Ages, they still wouldn't have had meat (chicken and rice for me!) but I'm not being quite as strict as last year.

Today, bread, more bread, a candy cane, and leftover rice boiled in almond milk. Although they didn't call it a candy cane, there appears to be some evidence for some sort of peppermint stick candy starting in the late 15th, early 16th Century. So far, I've seen some inconclusive evidence for France being the origin as well as the Germans. I'll look for something more concrete later but the candy cane I had was pure white, no stripes. According to everything I have ever read, the red stripe came much later so a pure white cane is closer to what they probably enjoyed in period. Most likely, a peppermint stick (peppermint oil, sugar, and cream of tartar) was used for medicine in period. You wouldn't believe hoe much a piece of peppermint candy can calm an upset stomach.

On the sewing side, I did cut out some of Mom's dress. That counts, right?

I ended up going to the museums and seeing the nephews today which is why more didn't get done. :-)


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