Saturday, March 15, 2014

Back From New York

New York 3102014 029

That was the view from my hotel room. :-) Although I was traveling - and therefore couldn't cook Lenten meals each day- I did stay away from meat and eggs. Still, breakfast was typically rice krispies in vanilla soy milk (with a banana and OJ but those can be found in the 16th C) with dinner being shrimp cooked in salt, pepper, and olive oil (which is actually pretty period) and potatoes fried up in salt and rosemary. A couple of times, I got the shrimp stir fry down the street as well for lunch. It wasn't bad but I really wish I could have had a little more variety.

I did try to sew. I was going to make a pair of bodies - hand sewn- for the Bodice challenge and...I cut them out WAY too big. I didn't realize it until I sewed up the seams. It's pretty ridiculous. So, I'm going to do a "quick" machine version instead. It won't be H/A (I had silk thread, linen thread, reed, leather bias tape, and everything!) but it will give the correct shape.

So, tonight, hopefully, a new recipe and a pair of bodies!


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