Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Boring foodwise Ash Wednesday

Really, I had a salad for lunch.  (Romaine Lettuce, herbs, cabbage, carrots, croutons which probably aren't exactly period, and my typical oil and vinegar for a dressing)  I didn't eat breakfast because I had to go to the doctors for a couple of lab tests.  (Stupid gallbladder!)  The tests required fasting so when better to have the appointment than on a fasting day?

For a snack, I had raisins and walnuts which helped a whole lot.   For dinner, it was mushrooms and onions.  I also ate half a pickle at some point.  

Very boring but I had a lot to do today, unfortunately, and I don't have fish in the house yet.  Hopefully, tomorrow. 

I am making bread.  I'm cheating a bit and using yeast as my starter died again last week.  In the middle ages, yeast was used from beer so it's not a complete cheat.   Just that yeast isn't quite like the stuff you get in the grocery store.  

The bread is out of whole wheat flour, honey, Atlantic sea salt, water, and an olive oil I got at my favorite olive oil place, Under the Olive Tree, in Tysons.  The olive oil is from only one type of olive grown in Spain, I believe.  I'm hoping this is somewhat closer to what our ancestors would have had available to them. 

Tomorrow, for lunch, probably strawberry jam on bread.  


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