Saturday, March 1, 2014

Historical Sew Fortnightly Challenge #4: Under it All

The Challenge:Under it all
Fabric: Cotton blend, canvas
Pattern: My own
Year: 1770's
Notions: Bias tape, hem tape, thread
How historically accurate is it? 50% The pattern is correct and there is a lot of hand sewing but the fabric print isn't correct and there is a lot of machine sewing. Plus, the almight duct ties aren't correct
Hours to complete: way way too many. Stupid bias tape I had to hand sew on
First worn: Tonight!
Total cost: Maybe $5? Duct ties were on hand. The fabric was $2 a yard. The bias tape and hem tape were part of a collection from an antique store that I got for $1.

Pictures tomorrow!  Stupid wifi won't let me upload!
Mom wearing her new stays last night after the party.  They survived!!!!

Front of the stays
Inside the stays.
The Story:   Mom lost her stays.   Therefore, I had to make her a new pair so she could wear her robe a la francaise to the Francaise dinner.  They are not the best, I admitt.  The cotton blend really isn't good for stay making.  I much prefer the canvas and heavy brocades or tight weave linens I'm use to using.  However, this was in the stash and on hand.    Still, they aren't horrible to look at.   They give the right shape, and Mom said they were comfortable.   


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