Thursday, March 20, 2014


I apologize for not keeping up with this as much as I should. Last night, I had more of the cod with green sauce. I changed up the green sauce a bit. I used mint this time and I used only the cooking wine and vinegar to boil the herbs. I also used bread crumbs rather than fresh bread pieces for the sauce. OMG! It is so terribly good. I put it on the cod, cooked in cooking wine as well, and I think this may be a new favorite meal. It's really that delicious.

Today was a fasting day so I only had mushrooms (cooked with parsley) and bread with jam....and six glasses of wine. I think. ;-) The fun of the medieval diet is that you can have wine. I also had tea and water through out the day as well, of course.

I have a lot of sewing projects planned - one I will work on this weekend- but work has been crazy. I bought a bunch of saris as a thrift store recently. Most are synthetic but I did get a couple of cotton ones and a silk one. I want to use them to make some modern work dresses. There is one that is already claimed to be my Easter dress this year - once I make a pattern and cut it all out. Hopefully, next week will be less crazy.


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