Sunday, March 23, 2014

Medieval Leomonade

From From an Andalusian Anonymous Cookbook, 13th Century:

Syrup of Lemon
Take lemon, after peeling its outer skin, press it and take a ratl of juice, and add as much of sugar. Cook it until it takes the form of a syrup. Its advantages are for the heat of bile; it cuts the thirst and binds the bowels.

I have no idea what a ratl is but it doesn't really matter for this.   My redaction below

  • 5 or 6 Fresh Lemons
  • One cup sugar
  • 5 or so cups water (or to taste)
I squeezed about 5 lemons until I got a cup of fresh juice.   I then put a white cloth over a pot and poured the juice over that- this was to get rid of the seeds and any pulp.  I then added the sugar and set it to boil.  I accidently burned the sugar.  Grr.  But it wasn't horrible when I taste tested it.  It never got super thick - it was more like cough medicine syrup.   I added this syrup to the water, stirred it, and it was ready to serve.  

It tastes like...lemonade! It's actually really, really good.  Even if I burnt the sugar a bit.  :-)


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