Thursday, March 20, 2014


How to seeth Shrimps.

Take halfe water and halfe beere or Ale, and some salt good and savery, and set it

on the fire and faire scum it, and when it seetheth a full wallop, put in your Shrimpes faire washed, and seethe them with a quick fire, scum them very clean, and let them have but two walmes, then take them up with a scummer, and lay them upon a fair white cloth, and sprinkle a little white salt upon them. 

A booke of Cookery, 1591

This sounds amazingly simple and good.   Heat up a waterdowned beer then thrown in the shrimp.  Once they've been cooked, throw some salt on them.  I think this one might just be doable.  

I'd also like to look more into the yellow/mustard sauce as this cookbook above also talks about it for fish days.  The one problem with the above book is that it's late period English - meaning they allowed butter and eggs into their fish dishes.   It's easy to take out, but it is something to look for as well when reading the later stuff.   The Catholic Church didn't allow butter and eggs until the 17th Century.    


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