Saturday, August 3, 2013

Day 5 and I do not like Vintage Vogue Pattern V2902


Today, I got a bit more of the outline done. I would have done more but I was working on a dress for Church tomorrow that will just not work with me at all. (BTW, the paws you see are Jasper's. He refused to move so I could take a picture. Dumb cat...)

The pattern is supposed to be a 1952 original....I don't think it ever worked. The biggest problem is the bodice and the contrasting band. The band has "points" on it whereas the bodice has lovely squared off pieces. These will not match. No matter how much I try to gather or play with it, it will not match. I am not please. I look at it again after Mass but I am not wearing the dress tomorrow which makes me mad. I wanted a nice pink summer dress to wear! Gah! I'll also check da webs to see if who else has attempted this monster.


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