Friday, August 2, 2013

Historical Fortnightly #15 White!

The Challenge: White
Fabric: Cotton Jacquard for the dress and sleeves. Cotton broadcloth and cotton duck for the lining.
Pattern: The one I edited from McCalls 2798
Year:  1580's vaguely
Notions: Thread and a shoelace to lace it up the back.
How historically accurate is it? It's actually fairly accurate for the late 16th/early 17th C. I was rather surprised when I put it together how cool it looked on.
Hours to complete: roughly 5 or 6
First worn: Probably to the Renn Fest day of wrong but maybe before that.
Total cost: $50 for the fabric.


I admit, this is what I was going for. Doctor Who actually can be quite historical (Girl in the Fireplace. This one is from Vampires in Venice) and sometimes it can completely miss the mark. This one looked awesome and I thought it looked historical enough to wear to SCA events.

Some of my inspiration from period sources:

 photo bartolomeo_cancellieriladywithdogferrara.jpg photo beccaruzzi1540-60carrara.jpg
 photo michieli1570spianeteveneremonaco.jpg photo salimbeni1590ssiena2.jpg


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