Sunday, August 11, 2013

Regency Post!

The picture is not the greatest but you get an idea of what is going on.  I'm not happy with the front of the dress and will most likely tear it apart.  I wore this to the Jane Austen Regency Ball hosted by Gadsby's Tavern.   It's an annual event that you have to buy tickets to which I've wanted to go for years.  The back of the dress looks far more fab than the front.  I'm sorry there aren't a lot of pictures - this was taken after the ball because I forgot my memory card for my camera at home!  I did take camera phone pictures of the event but nothing of my dress...or my hair.  I had feathers in my hair that came out the second I got into the car.  

The underskirt was a curtain this morning.  It was super easy - partly because the curtains I used were already hemmed so it was a matter of sewing up the sides for a skirt and pleating the top to a waistband.  Under the curtain skirt, I have a petticoat I also made now yesterday morning...out of a bed sheet.  White cotton bedsheets are cheap at the thrift store - this was a queen for $3.  Great for making petticoats or anything you really need out of basic white cotton.  I'm happy with how both of those turned out, just not the funkiness of the dress.   I know what the issue is and how to fix it - it's just going to be a pain.  


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