Thursday, August 15, 2013

New (Modern) Robe

I stated going through my fabric pile looking for something that would be suitable for an Edwardian or Victorian robe when I saw my strawberry fleece I bought earlier this year (I think) for a robe.   I decided that, since fall will be here before we know it, I should just sew the thing up before it does get cold. 

My old robe was pink fleece with blue stars and thanks to Simplicity pattern 5931.  It was always...big.  Way too big since I sewed it up, I think, 11 years ago?  Maybe 12.   It was a while ago and back when I really had only been sewing for a couple of years.  It was one of the very few modern patterns I did back then.  Oh well.  It worked and I loved it sewing has come along a LOT since then and so have my tastes in clothing.  ;-)

This new strawberry printed fleece robe is my own pattern.  It's pretty much a rectangle with curves for the waist, gores on the sides, and pockets!   I used pinking shears for around the collar to give it more finished look - since it's fleece, fraying isn't an issue.   I love the way the top of the robe looks on but the bottom of the robe probably could have used larger gores.  Oh well.  It works and maybe this one will last another decade!


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