Sunday, August 11, 2013

More on the Coral Striped Regency Dress and Hair

I was looking down at Jazz who was staring at me with those big yellow eyes...and waiting to go to bed. He believes bedtime is ALWAYS 11 pm and I must ALWAYS wake up at 6:30 am. Cats have no concept of weekends.

I like this picture more since you can see more of the petticoat and the dress. It was pretty fluffy. :-)

My hair after the ball! All I did was curl it and use enough hairspray that even New Jersey would be impressed. ;-) That was seriously it. I washed my hair, waited until it was almost dry to curl it (if your hair goes from damp to dry while you are curling it, just redamped your hair by using a wet washcloth or just your hand held under the faucet for a second). Curling my hair takes time but it's worth it for the results. In the morning, do not take your curlers out first thing. Get breakfast. Vacuum. Do all of those annoying household chores. You might want to use the hairspray first thing on the curlers, but don't take the curlers out. Wait until at least mid day - or, if you can, only a couple of hours before the event. Your curls will last longer this way.

About an hour before you take your curlers out, use hairspray on them. Even if you've already used hairspray on them, use more. Use hairspray as you are taking the curls out. Use hairspray after you have taken them all out. Just keep using the hairspray and it will hold.

I then pinned each of the curls to the center back of my head. Once they were all up, tied a sash around my head and I was ready to lunch with Mom who thought I looked hilarious with all the curlers in my hair. ;-)


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