Friday, August 16, 2013

Repurposing an old cigar box

My Dad smokes cigars. This means he ends up with some pretty cool looking cigar boxes which he often offers to me to play with. This one I thought was really cool and could work nicely for a jewelry box. I did add a mirror to the inside but it's lopsided. Hint - do not use too much glue! I'm going to try hack away at the glue to see if I can reposition the mirror. If not, oh well, it's for me and not for anyone else.

Today, I came across some neat adhesive fabric paper for scrapbooking at Joanns. It was on sale. The fabric inside was all rather shabby chic but cute. I thought that, given that it was on sale and adhesive and fabric, it might work well. (no glue!)

This was after the first layer of sticker fabric. You can still see the writing on the box but with the patchwork look I had in mind, this wasn't going to be an issue for long. I traced the box on the back of the fabric, cut out the piece with just enough overlap to cover the lid. I cut the front so I could just flip a piece of the fabric up to allow for the lock.

Patchwork complete! I had fun cutting out the shapes. :-) I wanted some more detail on the box so I went to my scrap pile of cool trims I just don't have the heart to throw away. In it was a bit of lace. One the adhesive paper cover was a cute ribbon I ripped off of it.

This is what the box look like now. :-) I'm rather pleased with it. I just glued the lace and ribbon on -far more carefully than the mirror- and it looks like a very girly jewelry box now and not like a cigar box. Yay!


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