Sunday, August 4, 2013

Update on the Vintage Vogue Post


I look hideous because it's 1 am and I've been attempting to get this stupid dress to obey what I want it to do.  It came out... and that's about it.

I'll wear a slip with it and a belt - which might help- along with a shrug which I planned to do anyway.    Overall V2902 is ridiculous.  I read other dress diaries on this pattern and it seems that no one is completely happy with the pattern.  The bodice has a side zipper which adds to the problems - if it had a back zipper, then the shoulder straps would be a lot easier to deal with. Instead, the pattern calls you to do a LOT of hand sewing for a vintage pattern.  You have to hand sew the straps, the insides of the contrast, and the waistline if you want it to look completely tailored.

Size wise, it's actually a decent fit.   I went with a 14 and it's a bit loose - which is okay.   I'd much rather have loose than tight!

I do love the skirt.  The skirt is a full circle skirt and comes to about tea length on me.  I might end up yanking the bodice, throwing it away, and keeping the skirt as a circle skirt because it truly is fabulous.  It spins!!!!

EDIT: The picture where I look normal and you can see the dress is a lovely soft pink with teal leaves around the roses? That was me after Mass. :-) I wore it to Church and the grocery store.


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