Thursday, August 15, 2013

Historical Fortnightly #18: Recycling!


I know I should be working on the #17 Robe & Robings one but I love the idea of recycling fabric.   I was considering just finally getting off my duff and remaking my first renn gown into something more...renn?  But I saw these at the thrift store the other day and they need to be a 1490's Florentine.  The pink rectangular tablecloth will be the dress and the pale green oval tablecloth will be pieced into a giornea (that big sideless over gown thing).  They are both mostly cotton with some dead dino thrown in for good measure but look at those colors!  And the designs!   And, for $3.90 each, it's hard to pass up on a full Italian Renaissance outfit for under $10. 


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