Monday, August 5, 2013

Day 7 and Regency Gown Progress

Warning: This post is brought to you by sleep depervation. I was awoken four times this morning, starting at 4:30 am, by a strange male staring at me. It's rather eerie to feel someone or something watching you at O'dark thirty, open your eyes, and see this:

A strange male glaring at you because you won't get up at four freakin' thirty in the morning to feed him. He would then meow and rub up against my hands to pet him until I pushed him off the bed and attempted to go back to sleep. He'd wait for about a half hour or so and do the same thing again. Gah! Anyway, your regularly scheduled post is brought to you today by that dumb cat who can't find his way outside of a shopping bag, Jasper.

I finished the bottom row of the embroider and made one rose.  Yay!

 I also spent an hour at the thrift store trying to find a basic, thin, cotton (or non dead dino) curtain or even thread bare sheet with no luck.  I wanted either a soft white or soft black petticoat to go with the Regency dress I'm working on.  They had nothing.  They did have a lovely scarf, several interesting dresses, a grey knit sheet that was begging to be made into a new work dress, and a guy that smelled like he hadn't bathed in years (he was on the other side of the store and it's a BIG store, thankfully) but no thin cotton sheets/curtains.  So I went to Hobby Lobby.  They had cotton batiste in the "clearance" section in 1 7/8 yard and 1 1/4 yard remnants - enough to make a basic petticoat- for a grand total of $5.  Yay!

I now have enough to make a petticoat. 

So, now to finish the embroidery, finish the Regency gown, and start some other completely random project simply because I can.  Probably a giornea in blue for the robe & robing challenge.   It's a big loose garment...and it's totally period as a robe because, see?

The Princess Bride is a completely historical account of life in late 15th/early 16th C Italy.  Seriously.

...Shut up, Indigo.


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